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The IDP aims to promote the generation of scientific evidence and information on development, policy and governance in Ghana and the rest of the African continent as well as the sharing and application of evidence based policy analysis to tackling complex development and policy issues using multidisciplinary approaches.

The primary goal of the Institute is to assist in improving the quality of development policy design and implementation in the sub-region.

The Institute will bring together scholars and practitioners with broad expertise in development economics, public administration, business and financial policy, policy analysis, development administration, industrial policy, trade and investment to produce high quality research, discussions and analysis of current policy issues in Ghana and the Sub-Saharan African region.


Teaching and Training

The IDP will provide learning opportunities to build and strengthen capacity in development management, policy research and practice in Ghana and the African region.

The long-term goal of the Institute is to evolve into a degree awarding institution with a focus on a wide-range of policy areas including social policy, investment and leadership, financial and business journalism.

In addition, the institute will offer short programmes with varying range of certificate courses and non-certificate training for various public and private sector institutions who wish to address specific skills and challenges based on demand and/or to build capacity for leadership and management in various areas.


Advocacy and Communication

This Institute will provide platform to share its research and other activities and to critically engage key stakeholders, including parliamentarians, ministers of state, senior public servants, members of the diplomatic corps, academia and civil society organizations through periodic policy forum (see appendix).

The Institute’s advocacy and communication will also involve putting together policy briefs and alerts, working papers and other research publications aimed at helping to educate and inform stakeholders.

Also as part of its mandate the Institute will also help to identify areas for policy intervention and help to develop policy briefs that could provide basis for legislative proposals for policy-makers and other stakeholders.