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An Overview of the Institute for Development & Policy (IDP)

The Institute for Development & Policy (IDP) aims to serve as a hub for the production and dissemination of high quality research on all aspects of development and policy in Ghana and the African region as a whole. The primary focus of the institute is to highlight and promote policy issues in Africa’s evolving democratic spaces with the view of helping to mainstream policy issues in national and regional discourses.

The Institute will provide an independent scholarly voice on topical development and policy issues in Ghana and the African region. Primarily as a research institute, the IDP aims to draw on theoretical insights and empirical evidence in order to provide sound analysis which could be disseminated in the form of policy briefs, alerts, working papers and seminars.



The vision of the IDP, Ghana is to become the leading hub for research, teaching and training in development practice, policy analysis and leadership in Africa.


Mission Statement

The Institute’s mission is to become a leading African institution that; engage multiple stakeholders to support effective development policy design; provide learning opportunities and capacity development in development policy design and implementation; and to develop national and international partnerships for global social policy interventions.

This mission will be achieved through the Institute’s efforts to promote capacity building and training for public and private sector institutions and organizations.


Core Values

  • Cutting edge and innovative research
  • Capacity building and training
  • Building synergy between development policy research and practice